Help Info on Screens and Displays

Welcome to "The Ultimate Jukebox" Help Screen

To begin with, I do not own any of the songs on this site. I did at an earlier time, but I don't now. All of the songs you will be presented with on this site come directly from You Tube.

First off, if you're used to using You-Tube, you'll know you have ot stop a currently playing selection to start a new selection (unless you want to hear one on top of the other at the same time). Well, when listening to any song on The Ultimate Jukebox, you can start another song, while one song is playing, and The Ultimate Jukebox will stop the current song and begin playing the next song automatically (it's almost like the computer's doing it). If you select another page to display while a song is playing The Ultimate Jukebox will stop the current song and be ready for a next song selection (from You) on the next page.
I'm still writing this page?!?
Each Screen display will be divided into four columns and multiple rows.

Each black box (in the display) is where a song title or artist listing will be located.

If the listing is a song title then you can click on it and it will load* and play.

If the listing is for an artist, it will include the number of selections by that artist. You can click on the artist's name and you will be taken to a similiar screen with the song titles by that artist.

For instance:

Let's say you clicked on the "Abba" Atrist button. If you did you would see the "Abba" Artist choices like in the graphic to the right.

From there you can click on the song of your choice and it will load* and play.

* Load times may vary because of internet connection or computer speed.

Each Screen display on a particular Year will display hit songs by various artists.

If the Artist has multiple hit songs (listed), then the Artist's name will be hyper-linked to a list of the Artist's other hits (listing).

For instance (in the example to the right), Ray Charles has multiple hit records with a hyper-link (on his name) where you can click to see his other hits, or you can click the "Play Button" and play the listed hit on this page.

Wheras Ray Charles has multiple hits (listed), the Capris' have only the one hit, so there's no hyper-link on the Capris' Artist name, but you can click the "play button" to play the Capris' song.
For instance, in the above example, if you clicked on Ray Charles' Name you would be presented with a screen similiar to what you see on the right,

From this screen you can either play one of the selections by clicking the ( play button ) or you can click the "Back" button to go to the previous screen, or you can select another letter (from the top) to display.

If the Artist has more HIT songs than will fit on the screen, you will be able to scroll the entire list of HIT songs by the Artist.

The two messages to the right are actually to the person(s) that posted the video and refer to them not having complied with You Tube's Terms and conditions in some manner, fashion or form.

I try to catch these and replace them before you see them but with this many videos sometimes you might see it first.

If you see it first, please send me a message telling me the "Song Title" and "Artist" and I will replace it.

The message to the right means the owner
(who posted the video) has disabled it from running
anywhee except on You-Tube itself

Any First guesses as to what the screen on the right means?
The YELLOW portions represent variables and will differ depending on the song title or artist chosen
Designed, Formatted and Compiled by Tim Tyndall for Your Listening Enjoyment
All Songs reside on and I'm just pointing your device to and we'll find the selection.
Your device and I are having to search through bunches and bookoos
of song versions to make sure you get the "ORIGINAL" sound
and not a re-recorded WANN'A BE Original . . .