The Information Screen
How much less than mediocre can one person possibly be?

Hi my name is Tim and I'm a former Disc-Jockey and current Computer Geek.

. . .  and the group responds "Hi Tim!" . . .
I graduated from Florida Military School in 1968 without honors and they had to add three extra names to the graduating class so that my ranking could be a positive number.
I was third man on the totempole on a staff of three cadets.
Normal awards (you'd think) would be like "Officer of the Year" or maybe even "Officer of the Month".

Bill Weir   and   David Moroz
Well here I am achieving "Officer of the Day"
  Gene Johnson is to my left
and politically, I've always been right ? ! ?

Well, enough about me.This site is composed of nothing but the Greatest Hits of various Artists through the previous seven or eight decades. It includes a collection of the music I used to own. I Dee-Jayed on the radio from 1969 thru 1975 and then began playing for private parties, wedding receptions, company parties, class reunions and several night-clubs for most of my "adult" life and was known for having one of the best collections of memorable music in this area.
I was known as "The Party-Player"
You Party and I'll Play!

Once again, I don't own any of the songs on thils site. They ALL come from "You Tube", but what I have done is organize the site by artist and / or Year, and am presenting you with original versions of the songs being sung by the original artists (at the time of the original recordings).

and now let's hear some   !   !   !
Designed, Formatted and Compiled by Tim Tyndall for Your Listening Enjoyment
All Songs reside on and I'm just pointing your device to and we'll find the selection.
Your device and I are having to search through bunches and bookoos
of song versions to make sure you get the "ORIGINAL" sound
and not a re-recorded WANN'A BE Original . . .