The Ultimate Jukebox Rules
NO RULES ! ! !
Are YOU kiddin'?
I'll show ya' some RULES dag-nab-it ! ! !
and appearently I got plenty o' bullits to back 'em with
The RULES for this site are being constructed, conjegated (and hopefully) SpellChecked even as you're viewing this. The MAIN RULE is:
You're going to need some time to enjoy this, because it can become somewhat addictive as you start hearing stuff you haven't heard in years.
Designed, Formatted and Compiled by Tim Tyndall for Your Listening Enjoyment
All Songs reside on and I'm just pointing your device to and we'll find the selection.
Your device and I are having to search through bunches and bookoos
of song versions to make sure you get the "ORIGINAL" sound
and not a re-recorded WANN'A BE Original . . .